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I have been struggling with back pain from a work injury since 1988. After bouncing around from one chiropractor to another for 23 years (with no relief), things finally changed with my first visit to Dr. Skocik's office. For the last six months I am only scheduling appointments every four to six weeks, where before I was going every week or two. Not only that, but I now work and am usually without any pain, something that rarely happened for more than a few days in a row before. Dr. Skocik and his staff are committed, caring problem solvers who treat patients with respect and get results!

Craig Rumpilla / January 2012

My back was hurting constantly for at least 10 months and getting worse by the day. My wife was sick of me complaining about the pain, and I was sick of feeling it. It bothered me most at night and I couldn't sleep for very long. My wife finally convinced me to come into the office. Immediately after the 1st visit, I felt great! That night I sleep more than I had in over a year. The next day I was a little sore, but the Doc had said to expect it could happen. The next day I went for my 2nd visit and I felt even better after that time. The only way I could describe it is it's a miracle! I didn't think it was possible for me to feel that good ever again. Absolutely unexpected results that I never thought were possible in such a short time. I've already referred three people and plan on referring many more. Thank you!

Kevin J. / January 2012

I am so pleased that I found Dr. Skocik! He is the most effective chiropractor I have ever encountered. He has made a huge difference in the level of pain/discomfort for me and my husband. He doesn't just "bandaid" the problems you have, he actually works to rectify them.

I am very impressed with the different types of therapies he uses, especially the hydrotherapy bed which is AMAZING! I would highly recommend anyone who needs a minor or major adjustment to come on down and see what Dr. Skocik can do for them

Amber Scott / January 2012

After spine surgery in March of 2011 I felt NO relief from the pain which caused difficulty walking. A church member recommended Dr. Skocik. I felt what have I got to lose, since all else had failed. After the 1st visit to Dr. Skocik, I could not believe the difference. I feel better and walk longer. The hydrotherapy bed and the time Dr. Skocik spends during the treatment is the biggest difference I've noticed compared to other places I've been to. Dr. Skocik's methods are different and so effective... I feel so much better.

The office is lovely and the staff is friendly, helpful and kind. It is truly wonderful to find a place that cares so very much. Dr. Eric Skocik is certainly special in the field of chiropractic.

Gisela Russo / December 2011

I 100% recommend this service. I received excellent quality service from the FIRST phone call. Cindy, (receptionist) was very understanding of my emergency and did what was possible to schedule an appointment ASAP. Dr. Eric Skocik has been so patient with my problems and listened to each and every description of my issues. He was able to make me feel better after the first visit. I am almost 100% better and able to function at a normal pace after just six visits. I am very pleased with the service received and the professional manners of the staff.

TM Stock / December 2011

Dr. Mimi actually listens to my complaints and addresses them. My last chiropractor wouldn't even have me in the room a minute. I'm very happy I was referred to Skocik Chiropractic. Oh, and they offer lots of different services I didn't even know were options, especially the hydrotherapy bed -- AWESOME!

Jason B. / September 2010

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